What if we add Fantasy in Cricket? How to Select perfect 11 in Fantasy League?

Most of the Indians don’t want to leave cricket games unwatched, but when it comes to India Vs Pakistan then every Indian gets ready to take rest from college, Tuition or office. To add some Tadka in cricket, BCCI introduced IPL in 2008, which became a new festival for all cricket fans. This IPL festival runs for 45-60 days and we all enjoy the game. Now we have a new fantasy introduced in cricket as ‘Fantasy League‘ by Dream 11.

What is Fantasy League or Dream 11?

The fantasy league is an online game where individuals can create their own virtual team of real players. You can select an upcoming game and choose your favourite players from both ends. You need to select 11 players where minimum 1 wicketkeeper, 3 batsmen, and 3 bowlers are compulsory, but you can select Maximum of 7 players from a team. Here you can select your own captain and vice-captain irrespective of original captains.

Why you should play Fantasy League?

We’ve multiple reasons for playing fantasy league, but I’ll list 5 most interesting facts here:

  • Playing fantasy league gives you a feeling of original gameplay.
  • It keeps you bound with the game till the last ball of the game.
  • You can use your game/players knowledge to beat others in a contest.
  • Individuals can join different and multiple contests going on for a particular match or you can also create your own private contest in friend circle.
  • You can create your own team as a dream team by selecting players from both ends.

These reasons are enough to make anyone inquisitive to play fantasy league. You should also play now and experience the fun.

How to select perfect 11 for Fantasy League?

Selecting perfect 11 is one of the challenges, but I’ll help you to select the best to get the most out of it. Here I’m listing a few important points which you should consider before selecting a player as your dream player for Fantasy League:

  • When selecting a player make sure that player is going to be a part of playing 11. You’ll get awarded 0 points if a player is not a part of playing 11.
  • We can check the previous performance and fitness of the players to get a better idea though different newsletters. You can check the press conference by captains and coaches so that you can become aware of probably 11 players.
  • A most important point which we should consider is the batting order of players. Few teams have a strong opening and top order batsmen however, few teams have strong middle order. E.g. India has strong opening and top order batting players, so avoid selecting middle order batsman and same goes with strong middle order teams.
  • All-rounders plays a very important role in the Fantasy league, as they get chance of betting and bowling both. If an all-rounder performance is good with ball and bat then it becomes trump of Ace.
  • Always consider ground condition before selecting your dream players, because few grounds and their pitch condition is not suitable for a few players.
  • You should always check player stats against the opponents before adding to your team.
  • Now comes the most important point, i.e. selecting a captain and vice-captain. Please be careful before selecting the correct one because you’ll get 2x point for captain and 1.5x points for vice-captain.

With these tips, you can select the best fantasy team for yourself and make the best out of it.

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