PokeMon Go: How to Install and Play in India and Other Countries

PokeMon Go is the most viral game today. Everyone is talking about this game. Game is launched in Australia, New Zeland, Germany and USA only. Right now this game is not available in India, but I will let to know how to get pokeMon Go in India or other countries.

How to download and install PokeMon Go?

1:- Click here and download APK file of PokeMon Go.
2:- When download complete, install it.
3:- It may show you a warning, Install block, so tap on setting and go to security and turn on Unknown sources. Now install the APK file again.
4:- After installation complete, open it and setup your location.
5:- That’s it, now you can play your game.

How to play:

If you will try to play at your home or office, Game will not work properly, because there is only one Pokemon. You need to move out and walk in street, put headphone and look in to phone, now you will start seeing Pokemon Gyms, Pokestops and wild Pokemon.
Note: Please don’t move in streets with traffic, there is a chance of accident, So we aware of it.
You should have a working internet connection with good internet speed. You will find less pokemon if your internet is slow. You are moving outside, so Wi-Fi will not work. You should have 3G internet connectivity. This game need continuous internet and location access. It may drain your battery, so phone with low battery life could trouble in playing this game.


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