Top 5 ePub Viewer For Android

Now a days ebook files are coming out in epu file format, which are not supported by any android OS. On the top of that cobertesr play a important role to make them work in android , which spoils the layer of file and indentation. Now this could be a problem for those , who wish to read their epub file without converting them in to PDF file, That’s why we have listed Top 5 Epub Viewer for android.

Why Do We Need Epub Viewer?

Most of the android apps are now providing PDF file format apps but not Epub viewer. In order to view epub , cbr, and mobi file format , Thats where ePub viewer come to rescue.

Top 5 Epub Viewer For Android :

FBreader :
FBreader has been stood up to its reputation in viewing more than one file format. FBreader has become many of the users favorite supporting multiple platform like Windows, Android. It supports Epub viewer , .mobi files & .azwand so on. FBreader provides several sailent features apart from epub viewing
  • Zoom option.
  • It has night mode.
  • Download ebooks from library.
  • You can turn the book in to chapters with navigation option.
It has plenty of other options that will save your time and helps you comfort.
Moon + Reader :
Moon+ is the most appreciated epub viewer for android so far in this list. It is considered the best epub viewer in play store today. It does come with several salient feature which helps your reading more comfortable.
  • Support more than one format such as ebooks, .mobi, .cbr, epub viewer.
  • It has night mode enabled for night reading.
  • It has in-built apps like highlighting, dictionary and annotation.
  • It can even read DRM protected files.
  • It supports layouts and zooming or better visual experience.
  • Apps runs smooth on older devices as well.
Cool Reader :
You can consider cool reader as the alternative app for moon+ as it has similar but different features in epub reader. Cool reader has  a feature which allows you to rate the ebook you read and rate accordingly to give the better idea and suggestions through reviews to other cool reader users to choose the ebook wisely.
  • Unique adjustments line is present to avoid words crumbled when reading.
  • Night mode is enabled to help you read in dark as well.
  • Comes with extra spacing to make you more comfortable to read.
  • You can even search for ebook of your choice in library.
Aldiko Book Reader :
Aldiko is quite well formed epub viewer so far in the list, it has virtual library helps you to keep books like a real like book shelves and keep tracks on the page you read and left last time. It has very decent features and UI is made to attract the users. Whenever you lauch the app , it lands you to the page where you left the reading last time, this is how you can save your time finding the page you read last time.
  • It has library so you can buy paid PDF ebooks.
  • UI is attractive and decent.
  • User friendly features.
  • Night mode is option is avail.
PocketBook ebook reader :
This epub reader is a free eBook reader suppoting multiple file formats other than ePub on you android devices. The navigation is so good , In a single tap you can read the he eBooks smoothly. It runs smooth on any android device.
  • Supports multiple formats like ePub, sbr and mobi.
  • Tap options make simple to use the app.
  • You can turn pages by scroll or swipe and may more options.
  •  You can multiple viewing angles like single , dual and scroll.
  • Highlighting option is present.
Wrap up:
The above list is are ePub viewers can also view PDF files as well. Incase you want to 1 of them i would recommend you first two are the best,that would be my personal choice. Apart from that we have tested all of the apps in real time on our android devices to check them for stability and performance. I understand that you have many question , you can ask them. If you want instant reply then post the your question on our facebook page. Hope you like our list.

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