My First Indiblogger Meet Experience: Catch Up On growth

Hello guys, I hope you all are doing well. My blog is all about smartphones, technology, tips and tricks. But today i am writing something different from my niche. Actually this post is about a blogger meet organised by Indiblogger and Horlicks. As Indiblogger is a best place for Indian bloggers or i can say best blogging community/network. I am a member of this community since November and so this was my first indimeet in Delhi NCR. I was very excited to attend this meet because indimeet is all about interaction between bloggers and many interesting activities. So I quickly made a plan and asked my friend Manu Khandelwal, who is a travel blogger and also a member of this community, to apply for the meetup. After he nodded, we went to The Lalit hotel on May 15, 2016.

As per the schedule we had to reach 12:30 for registrations and Lunch, by default we (Me and Manu) reached there on time. Lot of bloggers were present there. I had a great interaction as i met some top notch bloggers for the first time. After lunch, we moved to auditorium and here starts the fun part. Now let me explain the whole story.
Host came and asked “bloggers attending this meet first time raise your hands”. Now Introduction session started, some of the new bloggers introduced themself. After this, a small number game started in which bloggers had to give their introduction and choose a number from 1 to 10. In this number game some of the blogger got dare, while some of us won cash prizes. It was great fun and a good experience too.


About Indimeet:

This meetup was all about a product launch “Horlicks Growth+”. Also an expert talk about the growth and problems of children with Dr. Satinder Kaur Walia, Dr. Rajiv Chhabra, Dr. Jyoti and Ms. Natasha Badhwar. Most importantly they said, listen to your heart not others while it comes to your child. Some bloggers asked question about the problems of their children. The discussion was helpful and very informative for parents.

After this talk, product “Horlicks Growth+” launch took place. Most of the children love to eat ice-cream. And the good thing is that this new Horlicks Growth Plus tastes like liquid ice cream. It contain Protein, carbohydrates, sugar, Calcium, Iron etc. Some times children do not love these growth products, so the main focus of company is to give a tasty product so that kids will like it. Let me make it clear that product is for 3-9 year old children but elders can also take it for their taste. Growth+ is having different variants on the basis of taste like Chocolate, Vanilla etc. We also tasted this product and yes it tastes so good. Horlicks claims that you will definitely see visible growth in 6 months.


Now we got a coffee/Tea break.

And now the action begins. When i entered the auditorium after break, i saw that all the tables and chairs were displaced and the aisle was empty. After we all entered, the host asked us to get merged and made a group of 10 members. I started holding hands of my blogger buddies as you can see in the picture and finally our team of 10 members got ready.

Team members were Mr. Arvind Passey (Team Captain), Mrs. Sangeeta Passey, Arvind Kumar(Me), Ankita, Agnibanya, Sakshi Nanda, Bushra Muzaffar, Tripta, Nandini and Vikash. Now we got a task in which we had to shoot a small ad for Horlicks Growth plus and upload it on twitter. The provided props were Inch tape, fruits, football, Horlicks Growth plus, etc. So many creative ideas came out of our naughty minds and finally we created a video. Here is our video…


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