10 Tips Before flashing a Custom ROM

Android is one of the best operating system in Smartphone world but after long term usage peoples gets bored. Basically using the same interface is not interesting. The best thing about android is you can flash custom ROM.
Q:- What is custom ROM?
ANS: This is basic the basic question comes in mind of users who don’t know about it. Custom ROM are modified version of different android smartphones. For example- You can install Android OS of Samsung on other smartphones. There are a lot of Operating systems based on android like Cyanogen, Oxygen, MIUI, Cool UI and much more. Cyanogen is one of the best Operating system based on Android. So you can install completely new interface on your smartphone. This is all about custom ROM. you can get best custom ROM based on any interface for your phone. Here we have some tips for you.

10 Things You should Know Before flashing custom ROM:

  1. Root Access: You smartphone should be rooted before installing a custom ROM. Root access give you Super User permissions. There are a lot of advantages of Root and one of the most important advantage is installing custom ROM. With Root permission you can expand your battery life, you can save your internet data, custom themes etc. Note: You will lose your warranty after rooting your phone. To get back in warranty you need to unroot your phone.
  2. Custom Recovery: After rooting you should have custom recovery installed. You can use TWRP/CWM recovery on your smartphone. These recovery images are used to flash custom ROM. After rooting you can easily install custom recovery via flashily tool of Mobile Uncle Tool. I will recommend you to use TWRP recovery because it supports touch screen while in CWM recovery you have to use volume and power key to navigate.
  3. Backup of current ROM: Before flashing a custom ROM you should make backup of your current ROM. If any problem occurs in flashing/installing custom ROM then you can restore this backup and you can resume form the point where you left on your phone last time. Please make enough space available in SD card or internal storage for backup.
  4. Warranty: You will lose your warranty after flashing a custom ROM. But you can get back into warranty by restoring the backup that you made of official ROM. After restoring just unroot you phone. Some smartphone companies are there which gives you authority of rooting and installing custom ROMs like YU televentures.
  5. Flashing process takes time: It may time about 4 to 8 minutes for flashing the custom ROM, it depends upon size of ROM and also depends upon your phone. After flashing ROM you have to reboot your system. Your first boot will take about 10 minutes so wait for it. Please don’t remove battery in between the processor. You may brick you device.
  6. Make Backup of APPS: Before flashing a custom ROM make a backup of all apps, contacts, calls and message because flashing process will delete all you installed apps.
  7. Factory reset: Factory reset your phone before flashing a custom ROM and then clean flash the new ROM. It will wipe old catch partition hence your new ROM will run more smoothly.
  8. Battery: You phone should be at least 50% charged before flashing a custom ROM.
  9. ROM selection: Always choose a ROM made for your smartphone only. You can’t install ROM of other phone so please note this point. Also check that ROM should be in stable state. All developers mentions that work on ROM is in process or ROM is stable.
  10. Do not connect charger while flashing a custom ROM. It will heat up your device. Heating device may create problem in device.


If You have any query then comment below. I will give you the best answer possible.

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