Update Yureka & yureka plus Manually to CM 12.1 OS

Hello guys the CM 12.1 update for Yureka and Yureka plus is rolling now. As update is rolling in phases so every one of us has to wait for our turn. But if you can’t wait and want to update it now then follow steps given bellow and update is manually.

Steps to Update Yureka and Yureka Plus Manually:

  1. Click the link bellow to download the signed file. You have to download signed file because you can flash it through recovery, which is easy and fast method.
  2. (Click to download Zip file). 
  3. Now put this file in your Internal/SD card. (Put is directly in root folder hence finding file is easy.)
  4. Now open developers option in settings. Check advance reboot option and turn it on. (If you can’t see the developers option then go to about phone and click 7 times on build number, your developers option will get unlocked.)
  5. Now long press power button and click reboot. Now click on recovery. Now wait till phone boot to recovery.
  6. Now click on apply update then choose storage (Internal/SD), where you have your file.
  7. Select the Zip file that you have download. Recovery will start flashing this file. Wait till it get installed.
  8. Done and Enjoy.


  1. Keep your battery min 70% charge.
  2. As usual system has so many apps so it will take about 8 to 12 minutes to reboot so don’t worry about it.
  3. Flash through Cyanoger 12 recovery only.


If you have any query then comment below. I will resolve it as soon as possible.


14 thoughts on “Update Yureka & yureka plus Manually to CM 12.1 OS

  1. "Click to know added features on CM 12.1 update" . The link is getting redirected to this page only.Please correct it. Also do change it to "COS 12.1 update added features", not CM 12.1.

  2. Is this official COS 12.1 update, which is rolling out??
    And by flashing Cyanogen 12 recovery, Will there any data loss, Like messages or call log??

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