Best Apps to Share Your Files in a Flash on iOS, Android, Windows, PC

Sharing files through Bluetooth takes too much time and all devices does not have NFC and wi-fi direct to share your files at faster rate. Here we have some apps which help to share files with very fast rate. These apps utilise your smartphones Wi-Fi and hotspot to connect. Don’t worry about your data as these all will generate a local Wi-Fi network to share your files. It does not need data plan or internet to share your files. You can also share your apps and games on same platforms and transfer files on any platform. These apps are alternative to Bluetooth, NFC etc.

1-Xender: File transfer and Share

Xender is one of the best and popular app for file transfer. This app is also available for all platforms like android, iOS, windows phone and PC. It is really faster speed then other applications. It also has Simple method to share files. Biggest advantage of Xender is that, when you get connected then it has mutual sharing instead of one direction sharing. You don’t need to reconnect devices again to share files..

How to Share:

1-Click on the red Plus button in bottom corner of app.
2- You will have two options as ‘create group’ and ‘Join group’.
3- Just create group on one device and join through another.
4- Done– Just select file and send. Now you can send/ receive file from any of the device after you get connected


This is also one of the best app for sharing your files. Share it has easy and fast method to send files. This app is available for all platforms android, PC, windows phone and iOS. So you can share file with any device.  It has a small disadvantage of single directional sharing.

How to Share:

  1. When you open app, there are two options ‘send’ and ‘receive’. Select send on the smartphone from which you want to send and receive on the receiving device.
  2. Now send select files you want to share.
  3. After selecting files just click next button
  4. Now you will get available device to receive file, select it.


3-Zapya- File Sharing

Zapya is also the best app which help to transfer files at faster rate. It works similar to Xender. It is one of the highly rated app on play store. This app also have mutual sharing after get connected. This app is also available for cross all platforms like iOS, Android, PC, Windows phone.

How to Share:

  1. Just click on a button at bellow corner and you will get two options create and ‘join group’
  2. Create group from one device and join through another.
  3. Now select your files and send. Sending and receiving is mutual in these apps.


4-Send Anywhere

It is simplest way to share your files, you just need a 6 digit PIN to connect devices. You can share any file of any type and any size with this app. It shares file with a great speed. This app is also available all platforms.

How to Send:

  1. Select your files and then click on yellow paper button.
  2. Now it will generate a 6 digit pin, enter this pin in other devices.
  3. Files will transfer.
These all application does not need any data plane for your file transfer. You can share your files in a flash. If we compare speed to Bluetooth then these apps are 20 times faster. Sometime you face connectivity problem in Bluetooth but these apps connects faster and better.


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